AAM Investment Group exists to promote investment and lead change in the agricultural industry, to create a positive and sustainable legacy.

Garry Edwards – CEO & Managing Director

Headquartered in Brisbane, AAMIG operates across Australia and internationally. The AAMIG team – totalling over 280 – operate across the fields of Agriculture, Commercial Property and Infrastructure.


Operating and managing Australian agribusiness assets and investments is a privilege which we do not take for granted.  Commitment to environmental sustainability and high levels of animal welfare are at the forefront of our thinking, and contribute positively to our long term value goals.

Our Areas of Expertise

Asset Management



We manage assets for ourselves and for other investment managers. Our deep knowledge of operational management, project management, human resources and occupational health and safety provide demonstrable benefits to asset owners and investors.

Investment Management



We are expert investment managers, with extensive experience and a track record of delivering superior returns to investors and shareholders across a range of agricultural and commercial property enterprises.

Strategic Advisory



Our knowledge and experience is available to our clients though strategic consulting programs.  These include, supply chain management, capital advisory, debt planning and general management.