Investment Management

Our approach to investments is targeted around sourcing premium agricultural assets that can be optimised through our active management mindset. We work directly with large scale family businesses to provide them with a tailored succession solution.

As an agricultural investment manager, we believe that enterprises can be developed to provide consistent and reliable cash yields. As such, we are incentivised by deliver cash yield to our investor. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the wider Australian agricultural sector and have established significant relationships in a broad range of enterprises, including agricultural production and processing.This gives us unprecedented access and insight into a diverse range of assets, industries and opportunities, enabling us to take advantage of both on-market and off-market acquisition strategies.


Our team continues to canvas the wider agricultural landscape seeking opportunities for high quality production and processing assets that satisfy our proprietary investment criteria. Detailed due diligence is mandatory in the acquisition of any investment. In operating processing enterprises, it is important to have the skills and experience to isolate the critical indicators to the long-term feasibility and profitability of the enterprise. Our due diligence processes are fully documented and reviewed regularly to ensure they accord with industry best practice. Due diligence processes are structured around the following key areas

  • financial investigation and analysis;
  • operational performance and systems;
  • management structures;
  • human resource requirements;
  • legal framework;
  • counterparty risk;
  • industry analysis; and
  • property and environmental.


Strategic divestment plays a major role in ensuring maximum return on investment from the assets. For all of our investments, we have formulated a strategic plan for the entire life-cycle of the asset – including divestment. The key advantage of this approach is that capital programs can be planned and resourced well ahead of time, ensuring efficient use of capital and maximising return on investment.