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AAMIG drove a 250% ROIC over three years for investors in Australian lamb processing facility, CRF

In 2011, AAMIG acquired a majority stake in CRF, one of Australia’s largest lamb processing facilities

Over the next two years AAMIG re-engineered the operational management of the facility. Operational initiatives drove an increase in processing numbers increased from 900,000 to 1.5 million annually

AAM positioned CRF for trade sale to a strategic acquirer, achieving exit from the investment in less than 3 years, and delivering 250% return on invested capital

Active Asset Management Strategy

AAMIG’s systematic approach allowed rapid implementation of enhancement strategies.


Initiatives were implemented by hands on management,  identification and incentivisation of key individuals and active measurement of processes:

  • Renegotiating the processing agreements to better meet customer needs and profitability
  • Time in motion enhancement to improve efficiency of staff across the facility
  • Analysing profitability on each process to maximise returns by incrementally improving each process
  • Significantly increasing throughput by strategic capex the enhance efficiency
Execution of Exit Strategy

From inception, AAMIG pursued a defined exit strategy that helped to frame enhancement strategies


  • Strategy developed prior to acquisition
  • Agreed mechanism with a base return and upside for investors based on performance of the facility
  • The key success was AAMs ability to improve performance and value add product
  • The exit strategy was executed by providing value for the acquiring party which allowed them to execute the transaction earlier than anticipated

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