AAM Investment Group



AAM Investment Group is an Australian owned and operated provider of strategic investment, asset management and operational management services focusing on Australia’s agricultural industry. Our philosophy is to actively manage investments, with a relentless focus on operational efficiencies, sustainability and the enhancement of returns for investors.


We contribute specific expertise in operating large-scale agribusiness operations for both Australian and foreign investors (institutional and wholesale).At AAM Investment Group we pride ourselves on being market leaders in strategic technology development and adoption, based around objective analysis of data points and automation of agribusiness systems and processes.


We leverage our expertise to provide agricultural supply chain solutions to a broad range of stakeholders, from Australian financial institutions to local government authorities and private investors throughout Australia.


Over the past 15 years, we have demonstrated our ability to strategically acquire, operate and divest agricultural assets across a number of sectors maximising returns for our investors.


We currently manage a diversified portfolio of agricultural assets across the Northern Territory and the eastern seaboard of Australia.

AAMIG Vision


AAM Investment Group’s vision is to create an institutional scale diversified agricultural portfolio across Australia.


The portfolio will consist of premium agricultural assets across the full supply chain and diversified across sectors and regions throughout Australia. Our portfolio approach will offer investors the opportunity to gain access to various elements of the supply chain including production and processing assets.


Our strategy is to develop a large scale portfolio of premium agricultural enterprises where our investors can benefit from cash returns and capital growth over multiple asset classes.


We will continue to source high quality enterprises where value can be created through active management and investing capital to promote efficiencies and sustainable production systems.